Highland's Village Garden

Highlands’ Garden Village offers Green Commons – a flourishing retail development that catalyzes revitalization and encapsulates modern architecture in sustainable building.


  • Sunflower Farmers Market
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Highlands' Family Physicians
  • Highlands' Eyecare
  • Comfort Dental
  • Vida Chiropractic
  • Revolution Cleaners
  • Starbuck's Coffee
  • Evolution Salon
  • Highlands' Fine Wine and Liquors
  • Farmer's Insurance
  • Organic Pizza Company
  • Studio Wed
  • Edward Jones
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Rose Companies Management
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Comprised of commercial retail and office buildings, this new construction urban redevelopment project utilizes environmentally responsible features. Many of our tenants compliment the vision of creating a vibrant, healthy community that democratizes well being, making it affordable to all residents of the economically-diverse community and surrounding neighborhood.

This highly-appealing retail development incorporates modern architectural elements and uses varied façade materials and colors to establish the building’s presence in the neighborhood. Join Sunflower Farmers Market, 24 Hour Fitness and Starbuck’s Coffee in Green Commons at Highlands’ Garden Village.

Green Commons at Highlands’ Garden Village has attracted tenants including Sunflower Market, 24 Hour Fitness, Starbuck’s Coffee, and Evolution Salon. Imagine your office or retail business operating in this flourishing community.

Sunflower Farmers Market
Green Commons is home to Sunflower Farmers Market, which works to set the standard for green living and treats the environment just as they treat people – with respect. As their company grows, they are committed to serving the community in ways that have a friendly impact on the planet.

24 Hour Fitness
Focused on the “whole person” 24 Hour Fitness epitomizes the lifestyle offered at Highlands’ Garden Village because of their approach to fitness of the mind and body.

Highlands’ Family Physicians
A healthy lifestyle means taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Highlands’ Family Physicians resides in Green Commons at Highlands’ Garden Village to serve those in and around the Highlands’ community.