Highland's Village Garden

EPA Chief Uses Denver As Growth Role Model, Highlands' Garden Village Is Just What Obama Wants

June 24, 2009
The Denver Post

As President Barack Obama scouts solutions to the country's economic and environmental problems, one of the places he'll look is Denver [...]

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A Close Look At A Growth Icon: Denver's Highlands' Garden Village

July 20, 2010
Switchboard, NRDC Staff Blog

Highlands’ Garden Village (HGV) is the kind of neighborhood development that I want to include in almost all of my presentations, partly because it is truly photogenic and partly because it contains so many of the features that people like me advocate as alternatives to sprawl.  Placing some 306 homes, 3 acres of green space, 75,000 square feet of commercial space and 63,000 square feet of civic buildings on 27 redeveloped acres, HGV has it all: diverse and affordable housing; high-end single-family homes; green buildings and landscaping, regular transit service; community gardens; and excellent design [...]

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HGV Awarded at the New Urbanism's 17th Annual Congress

June 17, 2009
North Denver Tribune

WEST HIGHLANDS – Perry Rose, LLC, the Denver CO planning, development and advisory affiliate of Jonathan Rose Companies, is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Highlands’ Garden Village (HGV). The HGV project, master planned by Peter Calthorpe, one of the founders of the Congress of New Urbanism, is a model green urban infill project, where special attention is paid to designing the community in the context of the urban street grid, the location of parking in alleys, and the integration of co-housing into the surrounding neighborhood [...]

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Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence: The Americas, 2007
International Economic Development Council Excellence in Economic Development Award, 2006
US Environmental Protection Agency, Smart Growth Achievement Award, 2005
US Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Air Excellence Award, 2003